Some not very adventurous cooking

This week is filled with interviews, all for teaching assistants. Well, three interviews, two of which I have already had and failed to get.  The first one, at an infant school, was the shortest interview ever, and left me feeling like they didn’t even want me in the first place. The second one, yesterday, was at a small primary school, and went much better, but I didn’t get it either, probably because of my lack of experience with smaller children. They liked how I interviewed and my task with the children, so, you know, at least I’m not completely hopeless. I have a third interview at a primary school tomorrow, this time with children more in my ‘usual’ age range of Key Stage 2, so if I don’t get this one, it must be something else wrong with me, and it’s back to the endless round of applications.

Something about said endless round of applications and a general lack of direction in my life and what I want to do (although my brain keeps yelling CHILE CHILE CHILE at me, and eventually I’m going to listen, take the leap and see it through no matter what) doesn’t really make me want to eat healthily, but I’ve been trying.

In reality, I’ve wanted to eat a pile of cream scones and then some more things with cream in and then a chicken pasty thing from Greggs, but I’ve just about managed to content myself with looking at cupcakes on Pinterest and remembering that next week I’m off to see L and her bubba, so I can bake cakes for them.

So, what have I made?


This was a Winter Squash Pasta adapted from one of Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals. Having had the book since Christmas last year, it was about time I finally did some cooking from it! This was certainly a new way of eating squash – I love butternut squash, and am currently getting through one every week- and once I got used to it, I really liked the fennel flavour. I added some bacon, and upped the amount of parmesan to make it a Slimming World Healthy Extra A portion. Plus, I really like cheese.


Okay, it’s as if I wanted to prove how much I like butternut squash. And cheese. Butternut Squash Lasagne from this month’s Slimming World Magazine. Good and yummy. Nom nom nom. They didn’t put cheese on it. I added cheese, because, seriously, you can’t have lasagne without a creamy melty cheesy topping. That’s sacrilege.Even when slimming.


These last couple of weeks, I’ve been venturing into the world of preserves and chutneys. We have a vine growing against the house, and this year it produced a bumper crop of grapes. Sometimes, these end up wasted, so we were determined to use them, and Good Food obliged with a recipe for a black grape jelly. And then I ended up with 12 jars of grape jelly. That’s a lot of jelly. (Recipe here)


Having caught the preserving bug, this week I made a batch of apple and grape chutney. I haven’t tried any yet, but Dad says it’s nice, if sweet. Maybe once it matures a bit, the flavours will develop. Again, this was from Good Food (recipe here)

I can definitely see more preserves in my future – maybe some more pickled onions. I made pickled onions a year or so ago, surely we must be due some more? I find that one can never have too many pickled onions.

As long as they are hugely vinegary and acidic and kinda hurt your mouth.



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