It’s raining mitts

I have about a million things I probably should be knitting – or doing, depending on your perspective, but I’ve been applying for jobs and I have an interview on Friday, so that’s something. I have a jacket to finish that I started up when I was on holiday in Chile this August. There’s not that much to go…actually, I lie, I have to finish one of the fronts, knit the sleeves, knit the collar and then sew the whole thing together and I will, I will, but working out where I was before I got on a plane seems like too much of a headache right now.

And there’s all the magnificent inspiration I got from the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace last weekend (and the wish I had a never ending pot of money so I could buy all the yarn that I fell in love with…and the wish I could sew so that I could do something with all that amazing fabric) but that’s a whoooole other post. Partly because the photos are still on my camera.

So I wanted something super easy and super quick that I could knit up with some of the leftover yarn I had from my hooded cardigan. I started one of the new Deramores hats:


(Pattern avaliable here)

But uh, it turned out that I didn’t have enough yarn, despite thinking that I had enough yarn. So, halfway through the hat, I had to rip the hat apart D:

So, mitts, then.

I used Kate Turnbull’s Basic Fingerless Mitts pattern on Ravelry (add me, by the way, I’m faeriejaqi), for simplicity and also because I wanted something I could knit flat. I have knitted in the round, and I will knit more in the round because sewing up is my nemesis, but I didn’t want to have to work out what circular needles I actually have, and hey, my straights were sitting right there. My next mitts challenge will be in the round. Probably. And I know what everyone I know will be getting for Christmas. Sorry.

I knitted myself a pair first:


Simple, and toasty! Kept my hands warm this cold rainy Sunday out for lunch in London, anyway. Having seen them, my mum decided she wanted a pair, so I pilfered her left over hank of Rowan Colourspun Chunky to make her a pair. Any excuse to knit with some Rowan yarn!



I think she likes them.

So now I’m kinda hooked on mitts. I want to do more complicated ones! I want to do them in the round! I want cables, and stitch patterns and I think I might just have to experiment. Do you have a favourite mitten pattern?


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